Butter Chicken for Instant Pot

A friend brought this over for dinner. It was so good, I asked for the recipe 🙂 This is a mild recipe, so adjust the seasonings if you prefer spicier.

Chocolate Covered Banana Popsicle

This was a wonderful way to use up some older bananas. It is a tad bit harder than chocolate covered bananas, but just as enjoyable.

Salted Caramel Sauce

We have made this recipe many times! It will burn quickly, so do not get distracted.

This is really good on ice cream, but we also enjoy it with hot chocolate, cheesecake and other desserts.

Egg Nog

At a Christmas party this year, one of my children tried store bought egg nog. He was so disappointed that it was nothing like this recipe that Allan has been making us for years. He was sure to request that Daddy make some “real” egg nog soon.

I know that some people prefer alcohol in egg nog, but I think it is non essential! Using freshly grated nutmeg is the best, but use powder if that is what you have.

If you are concerned about eating raw eggs, either buy pasteurized eggs, or look online on how to make them yourself.

Cream Cheese Truffles with Variations

When we first started learning to make desserts, this is one of the first, and easiest truffles we learned. Have fun experimenting with your own variations!


This is our favorite caramel recipe. We have tried a few other ones, but always come back to this.

Custard Based Vanilla Ice Cream

Just before Father’s Day, we discovered whipping cream was on sale for almost 50% off. Mom had given me a coupon for a free 2 dozen eggs. So we decided that we should make homemade ice cream to share.

Making homemade ice cream is a special treat! Be sure to start it early, because the custard base needs to cool down before adding the final ingredients. It is not very difficult to make, but do not rush or use high heat. It is often more expensive than store bought, but you can control how many “strange” ingredients you are eating. Plus, I think it tastes a lot better!