Lightning Yakisoba

A very easy stir fry. Flower, root, stem, or bulb vegetables are best to use as leaf vegetables become soggy when cooked. We recommend broccoli and carrots.

If you can not find store bought, use this Yakisoba sauce recipe.

Pork Loin with Ground Cherries

I had never tried ground cherries before, but we were given a bag of them. We enjoyed eating them raw, but Mark said he had the perfect recipe for them. He was right.


This was a favorite treat at all church potlucks! While this is very close to what I remember from Swaziland, I would love to be able to compare it and see how close we really are.

If you do not like spice, cut the spices in half for your first batch. These are not hot, but they are spicy.

Cornbread Stuffing

When I asked what type of stuffing to make for Thanksgiving, I was told “cornbread!”. Then we discussed the difference between “stuffing” and “dressing”. In case you do not know, you stuff “stuffing” and bake “dressing” in a casserole dish.

Split Pea Soup

I never really liked split pea soup, but Allan mentioned that he liked it a few months ago. So, I decided to try it again. Surprise! I liked it 🙂 Proof it is always good to keep trying new things.

Ham Bone Broth

Not sure what to do with a left over ham bone? This is an easy broth to make as a base for many different soups. Adjust ingredients to your liking.

Grandma Bea’s String Bean Soup

Grandma wrote this recipe for me years ago. I like fresh from the garden raw string beans. This is my favorite way to eat them cooked and I make it often in the summer.

While I kept Grandma’s original recipe, I put my changes in parenthesis. When we make this, I often use more potatoes, sometimes as much as half potatoes and half string beans, though I prefer it closer to 1:4. This is good as a soup or with less liquid as a stew.

We often garnish with cheese and bacon with tortilla chips on the side.


This is probably the best recipe for pizza that we have found. It is also very easy. Years ago, Andrea wrote the recipe down from memory. For the longest time we just mixed everything and used the dough immediately, but Andrea learned in culinary class to let the dough sit overnight and the crust is much better.

Egg Rolls

Even though egg rolls seem to be difficult to make, they really are not. They come together pretty quickly also. Since they are treats that we rarely make, we fry them, but you can also bake them if you prefer.

If you prefer, substitute the pork for chicken or mini shrimp. They are great without meat also!

Wonton Soup

Once upon a time, before internet and being able to find restaurants easily on a phone, a small family was traveling late at night through a strange city. A pregnant wife told her husband that she REALLY wanted wonton soup.

Sweet husband found hungry wife a Chinese restaurant and came back with a huge container of soup. Wife happily ate most of the soup, remembering to share a little.

Wonton soup has always been a favorite comfort food. I suspect it probably was because my dad would often take us for Chinese food for super special occasions.