Sourdough Bagel

Start with your favorite sourdough that is fed and active. You can make these in one day if you start early enough, but they are best when the dough is allowed to sit overnight. These are easy to customize also!

Sea Foam (Updated)

We discovered this candy a few years ago while browsing a candy store. Mark quickly declared it was his favorite candy ever. When looking for “sea foam”, we realized this candy comes with many different names; honeycomb candy, sponge candy, or fairy food.

For fun, we decided we needed to learn how to make his favorite treat. At first, we could not find any recipes or information about it, except in an old cookbook. However, now we can find different recipes for it in cookbooks or looking on line.

This is not a super hard recipe to make, but sometimes it turns out wonderfully and other times it is a little finicky. We have not learned why, but it is a great reason to make more.

We prefer the candy with a touch of molasses (or dark corn syrup) but it is just as good either way. However, the candy lasts longer coated in chocolate, so we highly recommend that if you want to save for longer.

Lime Truffles

This is a recipe I changed a little from a recipe that I made at work.

French Meringue

I enjoyed making these meringue at work, but wanted to try some different flavors. These are vanilla, orange and ube.