We took this recipe to the butchers, and he custom made this sausage for us. It is a drier sausage, but so good.

Unfortunately, he did not tell us what meats he used, though we asked him to keep notes so we could duplicate it. He did record the spices. When we try this again, I think we will omit the bacon and just use fattier pieces of pork.

Andrea’s Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

These are a nice, soft cupcake. Many who taste them say they are the “best” cupcakes they have ever had. She has also had a few people who do not like cupcakes compliment them and eat more than one.

Russian (Friendship) Tea Update

It is the day after a beautiful Easter. It snowed!

Adrian decided to play with our “Rotten” tea recipe so we did not need to use Tang and also to use less sugar. This is what he came up with.


A not to sweet dessert that is perfect for special occasions.

Instant Mocha Mix

Mark and Katie gave us this recipe. Everyone likes as is, but I prefer it with whipping cream to make it creamer and thicker.

Experiment with different powdered creamers and omitting or swapping the spices.


This is very similar to what our Spanish tutor said her mom made when SeƱora Swart was growing up in Argentina. Since 8 April is National Empanada Day, we decided to surprise her with some during our lesson.

Vegetable Stew

An excellent stew to serve on top of rice or Luphuftu.

If you have an overabundance of fresh tomatoes, they work wonderfully in this recipe. Just be sure to skin them before adding.

Maple Sugar

Maple Sugar is not hard to make and does not take a lot of time. It is super fun to watch the transformation from sticky overcooked syrup to granulated maple sugar! The large clumps are wonderful to eat!

The first few times we made sugar, we over cooked the syrup by a lot! It still worked, but took a MUCH longer. So be careful to watch the temperature.

Hot Chocolate Mix, Dairy free

We wanted something to drink that was different from tea and coffee. I had a bag of store bought dairy free hot chocolate mix that we liked, but was more expensive then I could afford very often. So we attempted to make our own. It is near enough to the mix that we are happy.

I prefer this with whipped cream, but have not found a dairy free alternative that I like.