Lime Truffles

This is a recipe I changed a little from a recipe that I made at work.

French Meringue

I enjoyed making these meringue at work, but wanted to try some different flavors. These are vanilla, orange and ube.

Dark Chocolate Brownies

I wanted a really dark chocolate brownie for a dessert idea. I did not have one that would work so I fixed one up.

Monster Cookies (GF)

A simple oatmeal cookie without any flour. Be sure to check your oats if you need them to gluten free.

Candied Pistachios

Instead of almonds, I wanted to try pistachios. I prefer the pistachios!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

A soft, cake like cookie. This is a very sweet cookie, so reduce sugar if desired. While mini chocolate chips are preferred, I think these are best with a mix of dark chocolate and milk chocolate chips.