Vegetable Stew

An excellent stew to serve on top of rice or Luphuftu.

If you have an overabundance of fresh tomatoes, they work wonderfully in this recipe. Just be sure to skin them before adding.

Valentine Popcorn

The first time Andrea made this was for a Valentine’s day soccer game treat. Thus, “Valentine Popcorn”. Though Megan insisted it was Princess corn.

Caramel Corn

Our neighbor, Miss Margaret gave us this recipe over ten years ago. She was a wonderful friend to my grandma and they spent many hours just enjoying each other’s company every summer.

One day we accidentally made this with half the butter. It still tasted very good. Allan said that either recipe “melts in your mouth”.

For reference 2 tablespoons of kernels, about an ounce of kernels, will make approximately four cups (one quart) of popped corn. You will need around 3/4 cups of kernels for this recipe. Be sure to remove the unpopped or partially popped seeds before making.