Morel Mushrooms (Pan Fried)

We have found morels once before, but this was the first time we have tried them.

Interesting Fact: In some places, morel mushroom are called “Dry Land Fish”.

Lightning Yakisoba

A very easy stir fry. Flower, root, stem, or bulb vegetables are best to use as leaf vegetables become soggy when cooked. We recommend broccoli and carrots.

If you can not find store bought, use this Yakisoba sauce recipe.

Vegetable Stew

An excellent stew to serve on top of rice or Luphuftu.

If you have an overabundance of fresh tomatoes, they work wonderfully in this recipe. Just be sure to skin them before adding.

Jamie’s Potato Soup (Almost)

My friend Jamie, makes this soup often for potlucks. It is very popular and the children ask for it often at home. It is wonderful with a green salad on the side.

Some good potatoes to try are Russet, Red potatoes or Yukon gold potatoes. Each will have a slightly different flavor.

Marinara Sauce (to Can)

This summer we wanted to make Marinara Sauce to can some garden tomatoes our neighbor, Mrs. Beer, shared with us. We knew she often cans her extra tomatoes, so we asked for her favorite recipe. She gave us this one and we adjusted it very slightly.

We usually eat a whole quart of sauce with spaghetti, but decided to can pints instead this year. Our thought was to use it for extra special grilled pizza since we often have that with company. This sauce is also extra good on homemade noodles.

Using roma tomatoes are best for a thick sauce, but we usually combine them with assorted tomatoes from the garden. We think it creates a better blend of flavors.

Artichoke Spinach Cheese Dip

We found this recipe after we tried some very expensive appetizers at a restaurant. It is simple to make and you can personalize it by adding more or less spinach, sauteed onions or chives. This is our favorite way to have it.

The recipe calls for fat free ingredients, feel free to substitute low fat or full fat if desired. They are all very good.

Vodka Sauce to Can

We tried vodka sauce when a we had a coupon for a name brand jar. We liked it and bought it a few times. Then we discovered how easy it was to make. This sauce is great plain, but it is even better when cream is added. We often use it instead of pizza sauce.

Some simple recommendations for this recipe:

If you can, use at least half Roma or Amish tomatoes. Then mix and match assorted tomatoes for a fuller flavor. Different amounts of tomatoes will product different amount of liquid in the sauce, so you may need to strain it or boil it longer.

Adding olive oil is optional, but I recommended it.

Use a cheap bottle of vodka. What you do not use in the sauce, use for vanilla extract 🙂

Feel free to adjust seasonings, but do not alter amounts of tomatoes or onions if you plan to can the sauce.