Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffin

These muffins are a wonderful fall treat. My mom was given this recipe years ago when she spent the day with her cousin Kathy. They made a few muffin recipes and other fun fall treats. This is probably my favorite. Not only do these freeze well, they are also good for a few days after baking and toast nicely.

You can use all purpose flour, but these are also great as a 50/50 mix with AP flour and 50% white whole wheat. We rarely use the full amount of sugar. They are good with or without the steusel. If you chose not to add the streusel, they are even less sweet, which is a nice change sometimes.

If you prefer to make a loaf of bread, pour into a greased and lightly floured pan and bake for about an hour.

Chunky Apple Muffins

I am not exactly sure when I was given this recipe, but I know it is from my mom. These muffins are a great when you went apple picking and picked a lot more apples than you thought.


Carol Ragsdale gave me this favorite muffin recipe in South Africa around 23 years ago. It is a great, basic recipe that can be changed in so many ways. Leave plain, add chocolate chips or blueberries, or reduce the milk slightly and make banana muffins. Experiment and see how many combinations you can come up with, but to get you started, check out the options at the end of the recipe.

Red River Date Muffins

Mom really likes Red River Cereal and wanted me to try it. I agree. It is very good! However, it takes awhile to cook, so we decided to look for muffin recipes that use it. After cooling the muffins, we freeze them for an easy breakfast. Just remember to pull early so they can thaw out.

MCCC Scones

These scones were a favorite treat at Allan’s coffee shop. They are super easy to make, but also super easy to mess up.

Be sure to start with cold butter and cold whipping cream. The less the dough is handled, the better the scones will be. Feel free to make the dough and place in the refrigerator a few hours or over night before baking. Remember that a cold dough and a warm preheated oven help these scones stay nice and flakey.

Pumpkin Muffins

This is a simple, dairy and gluten free biscuit from my friend Mari G. The biscuit does not contain eggs, but adding a hard boiled egg and fruit is a simple way to make an easy picnic lunch.