Funnel Cakes

We do not always go to the fair. We enjoy it, but sometimes, we enjoy other things instead. This year, we went camping!

When we first made these in July 2009, we also made elephant ears on the same day. We had spent the day at the fair and we told the kids we would buy them one treat and since Momma knew how to make these at home, they decided on a treat we could not make . After making these, Mark put this warning on the bottom of his blog,

 WARNING! Do not make these and elephant ears at the same time. You might get sick.

Grilled Chicken

My brother Joe used to love chicken grilled this way and often had extra in the freezer.

It is similar to the chicken we can get at the fair. It uses an easy marinade and is best if made early morning.

Potatoes, Onions and Peppers

While these are not exactly like the potatoes at my favorite food vendor at the fair, they are inspired by them. Serve them with sausage or grilled beef.

Elephant Ears

I learned how to make elephant ears in high school cooking class.  But I never made them again until after we went to the fair in 2009.

The kids all wanted elephant ears and we were on a tight budget. I told them that we could make elephant ears at home.  So we researched recipes and made  them.

We often make them after the fair now.