Better Biltong

While shopping, I discovered some nicely priced meat. I bought a few packages with the hopes of trying biltong in the dehydrator. This is a simple recipe that we prefer to the original one.

Do not reduce the salt but you can add some if you would like it saltier. Coriander and pepper are the traditional biltong spices, but add other spices to your preference. Some people add 1/2 tsp brown sugar per pound, but that is a taste preference.

If storing in the refrigerator, we like it best dried around 50% of original weight. Dry it longer (lose at least 65% of original weight) if wanting to use backpacking.

See notes at the bottom for more suggestions.

Granola 2

This is probably one of our top five recipes that require a lot of time. However, most of the time is “waiting”.

Allan prefers muesli to granola. I enjoy muesli, but I like the crunch of granola. So, when I discovered dehydrating granola, instead of baking it, we tried it. It is a favorite, and I make it when I have the extra time.

I use raw nuts in this recipe because I soak them and then dehydrate for a different taste to the nuts. I have also learned that soaking and dehydrated seeds are often recommended because of health benefits. If you are interested in learning more, a lot of research can be done online. I would recommend dehydrating as much as your machine will hold at one time to save on time later.

Be creative when personalizing this recipes. Macadamia and hazelnuts are good nuts to add. Cocoa nibs and dried tart cherries are great additions. Use more oats and less nuts if desired. If you want to use less maple syrup, increase amount of raisin “slurry”. If you prefer to bake this, see notes. This is a very adaptable recipe.

Backpacking Upside Down Pineapple Cake

It is always nice to have some sort of treat while backpacking. We usually save this treat for an extra hard day on the trial or the very last night out. It does not make a lot, we usually make two batches for the seven of us, but it is enough for something special.

This also works at home. Use canned pineapple slices and skip the step for re-hydrating.

Tamale Pie

Since we were planning on car camping, we wanted to try some new recipes. This turned out to be a favorite. It would also be a very easy week night meal.

“Camping” Tiramisu

This is not as good as real tiramisu, but when we are backpacking, and want a special treat, this is very easy to make. Just plan ahead to find a small jar of Kahlua. The lady fingers are often hard to find, the may be in the Italian “ethnic” section or next to the powdered espresso.

Our recipe uses vanilla pudding, but we did not like this last batch quite as well as we used too. We plan to experiment with different vanilla puddings or white chocolate pudding instead.

If car camping, let this sit over ice for a little while.

Instant Oatmeal

This is similar to instant oatmeal packets you can buy at the store. It is also very customizable. Start with the basic oatmeal and then adjust or substitute other ingredients to make your own personal mix.