Lemon Lime Paprika

We found a spice mix on the clearance rack and then discovered we could not find it anymore! So Adrian spent some time experimenting and came up with a very similar blend. It is great on chicken or on popcorn.

Tikka Paste (For Chicken)

These spices form the background to a wonderful tikka paste. Make a double batch of spices if desired and use the dry mix for a dry rub for grilled chicken. Or, make the paste and follow the recipe for chicken tikka masala, which a few have claimed to be better than a restaurants.

Be sure to use chili powder made of only red chilis. You do not want to use the chilli seasoning for a pot of chili.

Chili Powder

I do not remember where we got this recipe, but we use it often.  Feel free to replace some of the cayenne pepper with ground chipotle peppers if you would like.

Lebkuchen Spice

This spice is wonderful in place of pumpkin pie spice or in Lebkuchen cookies.

“Dorito” Popcorn Spice

We found this recipe a few years ago and I can not remember where.  It is a favorite topping for popcorn.  We often double or triple the batch so we have it on hand.


Chinese Five Spice

When we tried making some eggrolls, one of the recipes called for Chinese Five spice.  I did not have any and did not want to run to the store for a small amount.

While ground spices work for this recipe, using freshly ground is much better!

If you do not have many recipes that uses Chinese Five Spice, I read to try it in your favorite ginger or molasses cookie recipe.