Chocolate Sausage

Rolled into a sausage shape and then cut, this is a simple and very customizable treat.

Maple Cream

Sort of like whipped honey, maple cream is a great addition to toast or crackers!

Christmas Memories Crunchy Puffs

Crunchy puffs, snow chips and pink magic dust. Memories of stringing crunchy puff strings, snow and pink magic sticks.

This recipe is from Adrian and Megan in honor of National Crunchy Puff Day.

Laugenbrezel (German Soft Pretzels)

This is not the super soft, sweet pretzel that many malls offer. This has a bagel like texture that is much better I think! Salt as much or as little as you like and serve with a favorite mustard or cheese sauce.

Red Hot Cinnamon Popcorn

Andrea requested a not sweet snack. We thought cinnamon popcorn might do the trick.

Nope. It didn’t. But the rest of us thought it was very good!

Apple Crisp

We do not follow this recipe precisely. Depending on who is making the crisp, and how many apples we have, we often fill our pan 3/4 of the way full because we really like apples. Instead of cutting in cold butter, ours is usually softened and we just mix it with the topping ingredients. Since we do not like super sweet apple crisp, we use one cup sugar in the topping, but use more if making for company. If the topping seems a little dry, we add extra butter to the top when we put the apple crisp in the oven.

While this is great for dessert with vanilla ice cream, we often eat it for dinner. We also enjoy it warm for breakfast with milk.


Allan has always enjoyed custard and often used a mix to make it. However, with a little more work, we now make home made custard for desserts. This is not the pourable dessert custard (also called “creme anglaise”), but very similar to vanilla pudding. Only much better.

Recipe written by Megan

Aunt Debbie’s Buckeyes

Dad called Aunt Debbie on Christmas while at our house. It was so nice to “talk” to her for a few minutes. While talking, she mentioned that she was making some candy with a granddaughter. Aunt Debbie gave us her recipe to make the candy also.

Use gluten free Crispy Rice and be sure all your ingredients are gluten free if you want to make them just like Aunt Debbie does.

We have made buckeyes before, but we really like this version with the Crispy Rice. I think it may be our new favorite way to make these treats.

Easy “Turtles”

This is a super easy candy recipe for children learning how to follow directions. It was the first “candy” recipe my children learned to make on their own.