Home Made Butterfingers

I do not remember where we found this recipe, but it was one of the first candy recipes we learned how to make.

While the recipe is very easy to make, it is also easy to let the temperature get to high. Because of this, I changed our recipe to a slightly lower temperature so that the candy is pulled off the heat earlier and has less chance of being overcooked.

Use your favorite recipe for the dipping chocolate. While confectionery coating is okay, a good milk chocolate or dark chocolate makes the candy taste the best.

Caramel Popcorn with Pretzels and M&M’s

Allan first tried this popcorn when his mom made them for a trip he took with his father. He enjoyed it so much that he made sure that we got the recipe. The recipe called for pressing the warm mixture into a pan and letting cool before cutting into bars.

I have never made this into bars. I much prefer to bake it little to get rid of some of the stickiness and enjoy it as caramel corn. To make it just a little different, add 2.5 tsp cinnamon to the caramel just before pouring over the corn.

Strawberry Shortcake

This is a sweet, but not overly sweet shortcake. It makes a great base for strawberries or other favorite berries. While we often use whipped cream with this, vanilla ice cream also works well.

Elephant Ears

I learned how to make elephant ears in high school cooking class.  But I never made them again until after we went to the fair in 2009.

The kids all wanted elephant ears and we were on a tight budget. I told them that we could make elephant ears at home.  So we researched recipes and made  them.

We often make them after the fair now.

Cookie Dough Truffles

I am not sure where we found this recipe, but it was one of the first truffle recipes we tried.

Party Mix

Adrian has been working on perfecting his party mix for years. This is the best mixture yet!

Profiteroles- Cream Puffs

Many years ago, Andrea discovered “creamy puffs”.  After her first taste she insisted that she wanted to learn how to make them.  So, at the age of 9, Andrea learned how to make “French Profiteroles“.

Years later, Andrea still loves cream puffs and insisted that we make them to celebrate National Cream Puff Day (2 Jan).

Fill the puffs with vanilla ice cream for french profiteroles. Filling with whipped cream makes them cream puffs.  Either way is wonderful!

Gluten Free Cream Puff

If you want to make these gluten free, substitute the flour with your favorite gluten free flour*.   They do not puff up as nicely, and they did not brown the same, but they taste great!


I first discovered tiramisu when we went to an unschooling home school event at a waterpark.  Mark had pointed out a desert that he thought looked good, it looked like pudding in a chocolate bowl.

Later that day, Allan asked me what special treat I wanted.  So many looked good, but I decided to try Mark’s suggestion.   I have been hooked ever since.

We have tried different recipes, but this is our favorite version of it.  It works with either regular or gluten free lady fingers.

Lady Fingers-Gluten Free

Andrea commented that she really wanted tiramisu for dessert.  We looked in three stores before finding lady finger cookies.  We did not find gluten free ones at all.  So we decided to try to make our own.

The recipe we tried was very easy.  The cookies crisped up and are wonderful for dunking in hot drinks or just eating plain.

Lemon Bars

My girl friend Heather and I would often make these at her house.  We almost always doubled the crust and would eat one batch of it as the second batch baked.

Now Adrian loves lemon desserts and this is one of his favorites.