Chocolate Chip, Cherry, Walnut Bagels

While living in Slovakia, Allan was gone many nights. Often I would go to the office with him, play on the computer a little and just be lazy while he worked in the other room. I found a few bagel recipes that were good, but this is my favorite.

English Muffin Bread

Not quite as good as English Muffins, but a lot less work! This makes great toast. It always bakes up with a flat top, so I only let it rise to the top of the pan.

Over Night Flat Bread

After making a batch of bread dough, we discovered that our oven died. Instead of throwing the dough away, we decided to try making flat bread with it. The bread turned out much better than expected.

We made the dough and let it sit overnight. The first batch of bread (after about 18 hours sitting) was perfect. The second night’s bread was still good but was starting to taste a little strong (sitting close to 32 hours). We recommend letting the dough set no longer than 24 hours.

Chocolate, Cherry, Walnut, No Knead Bread

This easy, no knead bread recipe can be varied in many ways. This is one of our favorites.

This recipe does make a huge loaf of bread. If desired, use all unbleached flour or experiment with your favorite ratio of white and wheat. The finished bread freezes well once completely cooled, but if you prefer to make a smaller loaf, see measurements at the end of the recipe.

Easy No Knead Bread

This is a super easy no knead bread. It needs to sit over night, so plan accordingly.

Graham Crackers

When we were overseas, we could not find graham crackers. We found a lot of other really good cookies and crackers, but sometimes I just wanted a graham cracker to dunk in milk or a good base for a s’more.

Cutting into long thin rectangles, and then baking the crackers until crisp, we often used these for when the children were teething. As they grew older, we cut them into small animal shapes for “animal crackers”. They also enjoyed these cut into large hearts and stars with shaped cut out from the middle.

The recipe makes a lot, but if stored in a cool dry place, they last for weeks. Unless your family enjoys them as much as mine, then the crackers only last a short while.

English Muffins

While overseas, we often could not get some of our favorite foods. Most of the time it did not matter, but occasionally we wanted comfort food from home. Not only are English muffins easy to make, but use ingredients that were found easily while we traveled.

They are good plain, but English muffins are much better toasted. They are good eaten in so many ways; with eggs and cheese, as hamburger rolls, smothered in butter, or as a base for peanut butter and jelly.

Refreshing Mother Starter

Once sourdough is made, it needs to be fed occasionally.

You can find many good sourdough recipes to make if you were not given any from a friend.  I recommend the recipe from Artisan Breads Every Day by Peter Reinhart.