Marinara Sauce (to Can)

This summer we wanted to make Marinara Sauce to can some garden tomatoes our neighbor, Mrs. Beer, shared with us. We knew she often cans her extra tomatoes, so we asked for her favorite recipe. She gave us this one and we adjusted it very slightly.

We usually eat a whole quart of sauce with spaghetti, but decided to can pints instead this year. Our thought was to use it for extra special grilled pizza since we often have that with company. This sauce is also extra good on homemade noodles.

Using roma tomatoes are best for a thick sauce, but we usually combine them with assorted tomatoes from the garden. We think it creates a better blend of flavors.

Enchilada Sauce

Instead of buying enchilada sauce, this is an easy recipe to make your own. Adjust the seasonings to your taste.

Thimbleberry Jam

Thimbleberries are a raspberry like berry that Dad introduced us to many years ago in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I will happily eat as many as I can find.

But, since we are rarely in the UP when they are ripe, Daddy often buys jars of jam for us to enjoy at home. We have only made jam once, but it was the best jam ever (memories make things a lot better don’t they?)

We went on vacation with my parents and they were showing us around where Daddy spent summers and fun places we used to visit when my siblings and I were younger. One day Mom and Dad took the kids up Brockway Mountain and while they were gone, Allan and I surprised my parents with fresh jam with berries we had picked.

Fresh picked Thimbleberries!

Cranberry Sauce

I grew up on canned cranberry sauce. I was never fond of it even though I enjoy the tart taste of cranberries. Then one day, I discovered homemade cranberry sauce!

After much experimenting with different recipes, Andrea and I settled on this one as an easy favorite. Feel free to make it a few days early and store tightly covered until needed. We almost always double the recipe and rarely have leftovers.

Vodka Sauce to Can

We tried vodka sauce when a we had a coupon for a name brand jar. We liked it and bought it a few times. Then we discovered how easy it was to make. This sauce is great plain, but it is even better when cream is added. We often use it instead of pizza sauce.

Some simple recommendations for this recipe:

If you can, use at least half Roma or Amish tomatoes. Then mix and match assorted tomatoes for a fuller flavor. Different amounts of tomatoes will product different amount of liquid in the sauce, so you may need to strain it or boil it longer.

Adding olive oil is optional, but I recommended it.

Use a cheap bottle of vodka. What you do not use in the sauce, use for vanilla extract 🙂

Feel free to adjust seasonings, but do not alter amounts of tomatoes or onions if you plan to can the sauce.

Salsa (for Canning)

This is our favorite salsa recipe. It uses more cilantro and is spicier than the other recipe.

Tomato Salsa (for canning)

This is a less spicy recipe that does not use much cilantro. Adjust the seasonings and peppers to create a spicier salsa if preferred. Just remember that the total of all the combined peppers should be between 4-5 cups, no matter what type used. Also, if desired, add a little hot sauce or extra ground chipotle to spice it up a little more.

Depending on the tomatoes used, this can be a very sweet salsa. Add a little additional vinegar if too sweet. Lastly, feel free to use lemon or lime juice instead of the apple cider vinegar for variety.

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

This is an easy nut spread to make if you are just learning. It is not at thick as store bought Nutella, but it tastes very similar. It is probably a very good thing that hazelnuts are not super cheap, otherwise, we would make this a lot more often than we do.

Homemade Kahlua

Kahlua is a coffee flavored liqueur that is used in tiramisu.  I am sure that it is used in many other recipes, but tiramisu is our favorite way to use it.

Auntie Kristi’s Alfredo Sauce

Aunt Kristi gave Andrea this recipe.  She also included the directions for making a huge pot for camp 🙂  This is one of Andrea’s favorite ways to eat noodles.

If desired, add some cooked chicken pieces.  Serve with garlic bread and a colorful salad.

This is also great on zucchini noodles or your favorite steamed vegetables.