Chocolate Chip, Cherry, Walnut Bagels

While living in Slovakia, Allan was gone many nights. Often I would go to the office with him, play on the computer a little and just be lazy while he worked in the other room. I found a few bagel recipes that were good, but this is my favorite.

Bagels (New York Style)

Mark decided to surprise us with bagels. He and Megan made them with shredded white cheddar cheese and they were wonderful.

Roosterkoek (Braai Bread)

We learned this recipe from Rose H., a friend in Swaziland.  The dough can be made early and set aside until ready to braai (grill).  We often enjoy this instead of store bought rolls when we cook outdoors.

English Muffin Bread

Not quite as good as English Muffins, but a lot less work! This makes great toast. It always bakes up with a flat top, so I only let it rise to the top of the pan.

Cornmeal Raisin Bread

I do not remember when I was given this recipe from Mom M. If you use yellow corn meal, the bread will have a light yellow tint.

Megan thinks it tastes like hot cross buns but without the icing.

Instant Oatmeal

This is similar to instant oatmeal packets you can buy at the store. It is also very customizable. Start with the basic oatmeal and then adjust or substitute other ingredients to make your own personal mix.

Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

When Allan started cutting gluten from his diet, a friend from work gave him this recipe. It is good fresh, but we think it tastes better toasted. It works very well for sandwiches also.

A few helpful hints on this bread:

  • To keep gluten free, but sure to check ingredient labels.
  • The bread will stick, so use a nonstick bread pan or grease the pan well. If it does stick, let it sit a few minutes before trying to remove from pan.
  • Do not let the dough rise over the pan, it will “boil over” and make a mess.
  • Also, be sure to bake the bread long enough. It may sound hollow, but still be sticky inside. A thermometer should read between 208-210 when done.
  • Let cool before cutting. It does not have to be completely cooled though.

Chocolate, Cherry, Walnut, No Knead Bread

This easy, no knead bread recipe can be varied in many ways. This is one of our favorites.

This recipe does make a huge loaf of bread. If desired, use all unbleached flour or experiment with your favorite ratio of white and wheat. The finished bread freezes well once completely cooled, but if you prefer to make a smaller loaf, see measurements at the end of the recipe.

Easy No Knead Bread

This is a super easy no knead bread. It needs to sit over night, so plan accordingly.

Grandma Reble’s Cornbread

Cornbread goes with so many meals, but it is especially good with chili! This recipe makes a very small batch, but you can double it and back in larger pan if desired.