Egg Rolls

Even though egg rolls seem to be difficult to make, they really are not. They come together pretty quickly also. Since they are treats that we rarely make, we fry them, but you can also bake them if you prefer.

If you prefer, substitute the pork for chicken or mini shrimp. They are great without meat also!

Wonton Soup

Once upon a time, before internet and being able to find restaurants easily on a phone, a small family was traveling late at night through a strange city. A pregnant wife told her husband that she REALLY wanted wonton soup.

Sweet husband found hungry wife a Chinese restaurant and came back with a huge container of soup. Wife happily ate most of the soup, remembering to share a little.

Wonton soup has always been a favorite comfort food. I suspect it probably was because my dad would often take us for Chinese food for super special occasions.

Chocolate Pastry

After learning how to make a “rough puff pastry”, we decided to experiment.

While these are good the second day, they are best still warm.

Purple Cabbage Salad

Roaming the grocery store one day, Andrea tried a sample of their purple cabbage salad. She liked it so much, that she asked if we could please buy some for lunch. We told her to get some.

Later, we attempted to duplicate the recipe. The dressing is the not the same, but we get many compliments on this very easy recipe.

The ingredient amounts are not exact. Adjust them to your liking. Adding warm honey mustard sauce is great too.


Our friend Mike is from New Mexico. He thought this would be a good cookie to add to the girls’ baking portfolio. They are super easy to make and great with tea.

Party Mix

Adrian has been working on perfecting his party mix for years. This is the best mixture yet!

Chili Powder

I do not remember where we got this recipe, but we use it often.  Feel free to replace some of the cayenne pepper with ground chipotle peppers if you would like.

Biscotti-Grain free

I am not sure where we found this recipe.  I have played with it and adapted it some to our tastes.

“Rough” Puff Pastry

Looking up how to make puff pastry, we found this recipe for “rough puff pastry”.  It looked easy, so we decided to try it.  It turned out wonderfully.

Just remember that the dough will need lots of time in the fridge.  Be sure to put the cold dough in a hot oven so the pastry rises properly.


I was looking for a good biscotti recipe and my friend, Cheri, had the perfect one for me.  This is super easy to make with many variations.  The cookies store well for a few weeks too.  

If desired, these cookies are firm enough to dunk in chocolate.