Hot Chocolate Mix

Momma used to make this mix for us in her extra large yellow popcorn bowl. I never got the recipe from her. Many years later, Allan’s Mom gave me this recipe. I made sure to pass this recipe to my children 😉

The original recipe called for the huge box of powdered milk, the one that makes 20 quarts of milk. Andrea reduced the recipe since we do not always want that much hot chocolate. However, recently my children have been drinking a lot of hot chocolate, so we have had to make this recipes a few times in the last few months.

I prefer the recipe with a half cup more chocolate mix and and a half cup less powdered sugar. But this is the reduced recipe version with the original amounts.

“Angeled” Eggs (Deviled Eggs)

I have called deviled eggs “Angel Eggs” ever since I was small. We often had children in our home for weeks, and most had rough back grounds. Because the children often had night mares with monsters and devils and other scary things, my parents changed the name of the eggs to “Angeled Eggs”.

Whatever these are called, they are one of my favorite treats. Andrea’s recipe is one of the best ways to make them.

Grandma Reble’s Meatloaf

While in Colorado, I asked for some recipes from relatives. This is a recipe in Grandma Reble’s handwriting with “Mother’s recipe 8/18/76” written on the top. It would be fun if we could learn where Grandma Porter originally found this recipe.

The crackers help to stretch out how much meat you need. Some of the family liked it as is and did not want changes. Others thought to use less crackers or more meat.

We like it best with tomato sauce with sauted onions over the top. Serve with a fresh salad and either garlic bread or your favorite grain.


Audrey learned how to first make these when she was eleven. She continues to make them, usually with chocolate chips and occasionally with pecans.

Meringues are not super hard to make, but they will not set up on a humid day or if there is any yolk in the egg whites. Sometimes it feels as if you have to beat the whites “forever”. But these are well worth it

Beef Samosas

I don’t remember having these until we lived in Swaziland. We often had them at church potlucks and, while similar, each family had a slightly different recipe. I preferred the ones with peas, but some used raisins instead.

This recipe is a very mild blend of spices. We often double, or triple the spices depending on who is making the. Fill the wontons with a generous helping of stuffing, but be careful not to overstuff.

For an appetizer, plan on two per person. For a main meal with a salad, plan on 4 or 5 per person.

Hot Cross Buns

Oma gave this recipe to Mark many years ago after she made them for Easter dinner and he really enjoyed them and wanted to make more. Her original recipe did not call for most of the spices, but we prefer them with it.

Twice Baked Potato Salad

Allan bought some potato salad at the market one day and we really liked it. We bought it a few times before we realized it would be a lot cheaper to make it ourselves. While it is not exactly the same, we like it and make this recipe often.


These are not the sweet pretzels that you can purchase at malls!

Grandma Mabel’s Chili

We were given this recipe during the McGuire 2003 family reunion. We have adapted it a little, but tried to keep it very close to the original. Serve with saltines or your favorite corn bread.

Angel Wings (Polish Chrusty)

Called by many names, Chruściki, Bowties, Faworki and Angel Wings, these are Polish treat’s that my parents would enjoy when newly married. Daddy said that he would enjoy them with my grandfather around lunch before Lent. Grandpa would buy the treats and he and Daddy would have most, if not all the box eaten before getting home.

These are best the same day they are made.