Mississippi Pot Roast

I am not sure why this is called “Mississippi” pot roast, but it is very good. A friend from work told Allan about it and we decided to try it. We are glad that we did, it is an easy dinner idea for after church or company

Our roast was not completely defrosted, so we turned the crock pot on high for a few hours and then reduced the heat to low for the rest of the time. It still came out wonderfully.

While this would be good with rice or potatoes, we served it with farro and cauliflower rice and sugar snap peas. For those who like mushrooms, they are a great addition also.

Beer Batter Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips are a special treat that we enjoy making on cold winter nights. While fresh fish is best, we rarely have it, but I bet this would taste wonderful after a successful day fishing!

This is best served with a malt vinegar for the chips and a lemon wedge for the fish. A simple salad on the side would be a great addition.

If using frozen fish, be sure to defrost it completely before using.


Carol Ragsdale gave me this favorite muffin recipe in South Africa around 23 years ago. It is a great, basic recipe that can be changed in so many ways. Leave plain, add chocolate chips or blueberries, or reduce the milk slightly and make banana muffins. Experiment and see how many combinations you can come up with, but to get you started, check out the options at the end of the recipe.

Saffron Bread

Saffron bread is one of my favorite holiday breads. I think it is best warm with Thimbleberry jam, but raspberry is a good second choice.

This recipe calls for mixing the dough then letting it rise before kneading. We were not sure why, so we did an experiment. We made both dough “exactly” the same (used weights and did at same time) and we kneaded before rising on the one, and after kneading on the other. There is a difference in taste, but it was minimal. However, most everyone voted that kneading after the dough rose tasted better.

This bread drys out quickly. Be sure to cool it and wrap in an airtight bag or tin foil. It freezes well and tastes great toasted.

Aunt Debbie’s Buckeyes

Dad called Aunt Debbie on Christmas while at our house. It was so nice to “talk” to her for a few minutes. While talking, she mentioned that she was making some candy with a granddaughter. Aunt Debbie gave us her recipe to make the candy also.

Use gluten free Crispy Rice and be sure all your ingredients are gluten free if you want to make them just like Aunt Debbie does.

We have made buckeyes before, but we really like this version with the Crispy Rice. I think it may be our new favorite way to make these treats.

Thimbleberry Jam

Thimbleberries are a raspberry like berry that Dad introduced us to many years ago in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I will happily eat as many as I can find.

But, since we are rarely in the UP when they are ripe, Daddy often buys jars of jam for us to enjoy at home. We have only made jam once, but it was the best jam ever (memories make things a lot better don’t they?)

We went on vacation with my parents and they were showing us around where Daddy spent summers and fun places we used to visit when my siblings and I were younger. One day Mom and Dad took the kids up Brockway Mountain and while they were gone, Allan and I surprised my parents with fresh jam with berries we had picked.

Fresh picked Thimbleberries!

Easy “Turtles”

This is a super easy candy recipe for children learning how to follow directions. It was the first “candy” recipe my children learned to make on their own.

Greek Dolmades with Avgolemono Sauce

When the kids were younger, we wanted to introduce them to recipes from around the globe. Allan had a friend from work who shared her recipe that she said was handed down for a few generations. Janet mentioned her family made these for Christmas Eve every year.

We have tried these once or twice and they were good. Last year we could not find jarred grape leaves at any store (this year we ordered early online). We also bought the ground lamb when we found it at the store and froze it so we knew we had it. Finding those ingredients was the hardest part of the recipe!

The recipe we were given uses lamb, but many online recipes use beef. So feel free to use either.

When we made these in 2012, Megan they they were wonderful! The rest of us enjoyed them also, but debated if they were too lemony or not.

Red Rive Date Muffins

Mom really likes Red River Cereal and wanted me to try it. I agree. It is very good! However, it takes awhile to cook, so we decided to look for muffin recipes that use it. After cooling the muffins, we freeze them for an easy breakfast. Just remember to pull early so they can thaw out.

Baked Beignets

This is one of the recipes Andrea made in Culinary Class this week. I think we all agree it may be our very favorite recipe so far this year. (Ummm, schoool year 🙂 )