Chocolate Chip, Cherry, Walnut Bagels

While living in Slovakia, Allan was gone many nights. Often I would go to the office with him, play on the computer a little and just be lazy while he worked in the other room. I found a few bagel recipes that were good, but this is my favorite.

Bagels (New York Style)

Mark decided to surprise us with bagels. He and Megan made them with shredded white cheddar cheese and they were wonderful.


These are just a very simple chocolate chip bar cookie.

Grandma Bea’s Sauerkraut Pierogi

My mom taught my siblings and me how to make pierogi when we were very little. I can only remember making cheese pierogi and there were no measurements for the filling. “Add potato flakes to cottage cheese until the cottage cheese is dry. Let sit a few minutes and season with salt and pepper.”

Grandma had many different ways to make pierogi, but sauerkraut is probably my favorite. After making, warm up pierogi in a heavy pan with butter and sau·téd onions. If desired, add sour cream before serving. This makes a great meal, but is best when served with green vegetables or salad.


Many years ago, we had a friend visit.  Morsal taught Mark how to make Pekoura.  These coated potato slices are wonderful.  You can serve as is, but they are best with plain yogurt or yogurt with cilantro added to it.  

Grilled Chicken

My brother Joe used to love chicken grilled this way and often had extra in the freezer.

It is similar to the chicken we can get at the fair. It uses an easy marinade and is best if made early morning.

Roosterkoek (Braai Bread)

We learned this recipe from Rose H., a friend in Swaziland.  The dough can be made early and set aside until ready to braai (grill).  We often enjoy this instead of store bought rolls when we cook outdoors.

English Muffin Bread

Not quite as good as English Muffins, but a lot less work! This makes great toast. It always bakes up with a flat top, so I only let it rise to the top of the pan.

Cornmeal Raisin Bread

I do not remember when I was given this recipe from Mom M. If you use yellow corn meal, the bread will have a light yellow tint.

Megan thinks it tastes like hot cross buns but without the icing.

Instant Oatmeal

This is similar to instant oatmeal packets you can buy at the store. It is also very customizable. Start with the basic oatmeal and then adjust or substitute other ingredients to make your own personal mix.