Grandma Bea’s Sauerkraut Pierogi

My mom taught my siblings and me how to make pierogi when we were very little. I can only remember making cheese pierogi and there were no measurements for the filling. “Add potato flakes to cottage cheese until the cottage cheese is dry. Let sit a few minutes and season with salt and pepper.”

Grandma had many different ways to make pierogi, but sauerkraut is probably my favorite. After making, warm up pierogi in a heavy pan with butter and sau·téd onions. If desired, add sour cream before serving. This makes a great meal, but is best when served with green vegetables or salad.

Grandma Reble’s Meatloaf

While in Colorado, I asked for some recipes from relatives. This is a recipe in Grandma Reble’s handwriting with “Mother’s recipe 8/18/76” written on the top. It would be fun if we could learn where Grandma Porter originally found this recipe.

The crackers help to stretch out how much meat you need. Some of the family liked it as is and did not want changes. Others thought to use less crackers or more meat.

We like it best with tomato sauce with sauted onions over the top. Serve with a fresh salad and either garlic bread or your favorite grain.

Beef Samosas

I don’t remember having these until we lived in Swaziland. We often had them at church potlucks and, while similar, each family had a slightly different recipe. I preferred the ones with peas, but some used raisins instead.

This recipe is a very mild blend of spices. We often double, or triple the spices depending on who is making the. Fill the wontons with a generous helping of stuffing, but be careful not to overstuff.

For an appetizer, plan on two per person. For a main meal with a salad, plan on 4 or 5 per person.

Grandma Mabel’s Chili

We were given this recipe during the McGuire 2003 family reunion. We have adapted it a little, but tried to keep it very close to the original. Serve with saltines or your favorite corn bread.

Potatoes, Onions and Peppers

While these are not exactly like the potatoes at my favorite food vendor at the fair, they are inspired by them. Serve them with sausage or grilled beef.


There are so many uses for hummus! This is just a starting point recipe for reference. Adjust the seasonings, garlic and tahini to your personal taste.

Daddy’s Pasties

Pasties are popular in Calument where Daddy spent a lot of time growing up.  He said that Petila’s taxi in Calumet would often take his family to McLain park and then come back at a prearranged time to take them home. His grandmother made them also. There are many recipes for pasties, but all are similar.

Feel free to experiment with the basic recipe. We often make the pasties with cubed meat instead of ground.  Be careful not to overstuff the crust, it is much better to have leftover filling!

When serving, I like them best with a little extra butter. Some people serve them with gravy. My mom eats them with ketchup.