Chunky Apple Muffins

I am not exactly sure when I was given this recipe, but I know it is from my mom. These muffins are a great when you went apple picking and picked a lot more apples than you thought.

Black Berry Jam

In the early summer, the kids often pick red blackberries. We enjoy them and occasionally have enough for a mixed berry jam. Oma told us the other day of a blackberry farm that had you pick berries for a very good price. We enjoyed picking around 30 pounds of blackberries and ate a pound or two also. They were very good.

Not wanting the berries to go to waste, we froze some, made fruit leather with some and Adrian made a pie. We used most of the berries for jam. It is wonderful on fresh sourdough bread! There are a lot of seeds in blackberries. If desired, strain part or all of the seeds.

This is a small batch jam recipe that uses very little sugar. For a sweeter jam, see notes.

Marble Cookie Squares

Another recipe from Aunt Bonnie’s recipe box. We baked ours in a pie pan which worked very well also. The card did not included time to bake, but we just let our set up like a cookie.

One thing I really like about many of the recipes from Aunt Bonnie is the recipe makes a small amount. There was enough here for us, but no left overs. I am not sure when she copied this recipe, but when I looked it up, it looks like it was popular in the early 1960’s.

Aunt Bonnie’s (Reble) 12 Grain/Seed Bread

We asked Aunt Bonnie for a good bread recipe when we were in Colorado. She was super sweet and gave us this recipe plus all the ingredients that we needed to make it. While Aunt Bonnie found all the ingredients and Adrian ground everything, we enjoyed spending the afternoon just chatting and being able to be with Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Bill. We then walked back “home” to enjoy the rest of our lazy Sunday.

Chicken Tikka Masala (with dairy free option)

This is a simple recipe that can be made ahead. It is wonderful for company or just a fancier than normal dinner. Use our tikka paste recipe or your favorite blend. One green Serrano chili is not very spicy, but it is needed in this recipe. If you prefer a spicier dish, add more chili’s and serve dry tikka spice on the side. If the dish is too spicy, add a little cream or yogurt. This is very good served with naan!

To make this dairy free, replace yogurt with full fat coconut milk. Either omit the butter or use your favorite plant based butter if you want to use before grilling.

Tikka Paste (For Chicken)

These spices form the background to a wonderful tikka paste. Make a double batch of spices if desired and use the dry mix for a dry rub for grilled chicken. Or, make the paste and follow the recipe for chicken tikka masala, which a few have claimed to be better than a restaurants.

Be sure to use chili powder made of only red chilis. You do not want to use the chilli seasoning for a pot of chili.

Fish Fillets Baked with Cheese

An excellent way to eat fish! This recipe is from Mom McGuire many years ago. I am assuming she gave it to us when we were first married, because it is in my printed cookbook and not hand written.

Surprise Lemon Bars

I am not sure where I originally found this recipe. I know that we made it a few times in our travels for potlucks so I have had it for all -most?- of the time I have been married. I never tell what the secret ingredient is until people have tried this recipe and say they like it. Most think it is coconut, so why ruin it for them?

The recipe says it makes 2 pies, but we usually bake it in a 9×13 casserole dish and cut it into squares. For a gluten free crust, see notes.


This was a favorite treat at all church potlucks! While this is very close to what I remember from Swaziland, I would love to be able to compare it and see how close we really are.

If you do not like spice, cut the spices in half for your first batch. These are not hot, but they are spicy.